About Us

About Us

Empowering Women and Saving Babies

Many women are feeling pressured by others to have an abortion, and ultimately end up making a decision they felt in their heart was wrong. We believe that small acts of kindness within a community is what it takes for a woman to feel confident to overcome the pressure. 

We are dedicated to serving women by coming alongside them during the early stages of motherhood. When we provide women with a loving support system, their hearts will turn away from fear and doubt into confidence, excitement, and empowerment to choose life for their baby. We aspire to encourage women by showing them that they are valued, their baby is valued, and people in their community are happy to be a part of their journey through motherhood.


Our Mission

To prevent forced and pressured abortions by empowering women to choose life!

Our Vision

To establish loving and supportive communities across the nation that will empower women to choose life, and to provide education to communities about the tragic emotional impacts' abortions can have on women.  

Our Beliefs

We believe that women must be free to make their own decisions without being pressured by others or any external circumstances. We believe in the power of community and the importance of supporting one another throughout life. We are all here to lift each other up!

What We Do?

Services We Offer to Mothers
Choosing Life

We are here to serve families in any way that will benefit them the most. 


Our volunteers will do a few chores around the house such as washing the dishes, preparing meals or snacks, helping with laundry, and other light housework that the family needs done so Mama feels supported and can focus on bonding with her baby. 


We are happy to run errands for new Mama's so they can spend their time at home with their newborn. We can grab groceries from the store or pick up other children from school. We are here to help! 


Our volunteers love babies and children! We can help watch any brothers and sisters while Mama cares for her baby. We can also hold the newborn so Mama can bathe or rest. 


We are creating communities for families in need and are demonstrating the power of love and connection. Babies are being saved and Mama's lives are changed by the love and support our volunteers are offering to Mama's. 


We love uniting and partnering with other organizations, so we are well equipped to offer women with resources in her area that best suits her specific situation. 

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