Volunteer Options

How it Works


  • Mission Volunteer: A team travels to abortion clinics and finds Mama's who are ready to choose life. If you feel lead, please contact us and join our team as a mission volunteer. 


Supporter Volunteer: Supporter Volunteers offer their time and resources to go to the families home during the postpartum stage and offers the mom practical help. If you feel lead to join, please contact us!

 You will reach out to Mama's in your area and will drop by to visit and offer her help with whatever she may need whether it be a meal, cleaning, or picking up other children. We appreciate any small acts of kindness and time you can offer to help create communities and support Mama's in your area who chose life because YOU said yes to volunteering. 

Please consider joining UFL and empower women to feel free, loved, and supported so they choose life for their baby!